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My A/C guy has failed to show up twice now.   I like him a lot --  he's kind, 
courteous, reasonable and thorough
I'll probably be calling him again first thing Mon. morning.
Re persperation -- my Mother is an odd case.  She simply does not  sweat.  
She has never needed anti-persperint or deoderant.  It's  simply that nothing 
comes out of her pours in liquid form. She is particularly  prone to heat 
Wanna 'slplain that one?
Julie Krueger
living on popsicles

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Robert Paul, the estimable exercise physiologist  and gerontologist, reveals:

>older people, because of skin changes,  have fewer sweat glands and 
>therefore sweat less,

ck: AHA! That's  it! I haven't been sweating the way I used to, as of this 
year. My head  sweats (face and scalp), but that's about it. Tonight it's 
cooler and more  humid, though, and I'm sweating a bit more. Not much, but a 
bit. I've  noticed this before--more humidity, more sweating. (The humidity 
here in  Fresno is only about ten percent when the temperature is 110.)

Could it  be that my head sweat cools off before I have a chance to perceive 
its  presence?

At any rate, I guess I'm older than I thought, and more at  risk. Wonder if 
taking prednisone increases my susceptibility to heat  stroke--and reduces 
the sweat.

Warning to J. Kreuger:
The heat  spell that just left Fresno is traveling towards your part of the 
country.  Ice it  up!


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