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  • From: "Phil Enns" <phil.enns@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 07:41:25 -0300

Lawrence Helm wrote:

"It is "fairly obvious" to me that every time someone produces a lot
of "moderates" to refute me they find them either in the United States
or some other place outside of the Middle East."

I do apologize for giving the largest Muslim country in the world as
an example of where one might find moderates actively working against
extremists.  What was I thinking?  For future reference, I take it
that you would prefer discussion of the lack of moderates in Islam to
focus solely on Iran and Saudi Arabia?


"As to Indonesia ...if there is a trend in regard to Moderates vs
Radicals, it is against the former and in favor of the latter."

Yes, well don't let me bother that perfectly usable preconception of
yours with pesky facts.  I like your use of the word 'trend'.  It is
so wonderfully vague while giving the impression of being precise.

Lawrence concludes:

"Congratulations on your appointment, but don't overestimate the
moderation you believe is there.  Remember what happened to Malcom

Marvelous!  Instead of seeing my appointment as a sign of moderate
Muslims fighting back against extremism, you bring up a murder from
Lebanon at the height of its civil war.
For the record, I am well aware of the risks but some of us think it
important to respond when moderate Muslims reach out.

And we miss the tropics.  Particularly fresh Mangoes and Guava.


Phil Enns
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