[lit-ideas] Islam vs the Islamists

  • From: "Lawrence Helm"<lawrencehelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Lit-Ideas" <Lit-Ideas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 00:42:30 +0000

Well, Omar may be right after all.  There may be a lot more moderates out there 
than I realized, but some group of people whether organized or not I don't 
know, and I hesitate to described them as a vast left-wing conspiracy, doesn't 
want us to know that.  

PBS is refusing to air a film pitting Moderate Islam vs Radical Islam.  Instead 
they aired a film representing Radical Islam as though it were the only Islamic 
position that mattered.  I watched (on CSPAN) a discussion of the film PBS 
refused to air.

Actually, I'm inclined to think that PBS and the people who aired the film 
presenting the radical position as the only one that mattered, sincere.  But 
maybe I've been influenced by a Code of Silence in regard to the Moderates.

I have not seen either of these films but the view that there aren't really any 
moderates -- or if there are, they don't really matter because they are in the 
West or if in the Middle East, hiding out -- is closer to the position I have 
held for awhile.   Maybe moderates don't really matter.  Maybe we don't need to 
know about them.   But I doubt that I would enjoy the film PBS did air if they 
are trying to turn the radicals into nice guys.  I know Mike Geary is 
conflicted over this issue, but people trying to kill us are not really nice 
guys -- except to other radicals.  They are murderous fanatics bent upon our 
destruction.  Trying to make friends with them reminds me of the scene in Mars 
Attacks where the president, played by Jack Nicholson observes after the 
Martians wiped out the entire congress (if memory serves me) something like 
"Hey, we still have the Judiciary and Executive branches, and two out of three 
ain't bad!"   


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