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What WERE they thingking?!

ck: Yes, revolting. It's teenage heart attack promotion. Gravy's in there, on 
top (?). Notice that the guy ordering isn't exactly slim, either. When I first 
saw this ad, I was watching SNL. Thought it was a skit--that's how gross the 
concoction seemed.

I'd better do something about this summer procrastination before it's August. 
Right now, though, I'm celebrating.


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  Liverwurst is evil.  Have you seen the latest concoction KFC is advertising?  
Mashed potatoes, a layer of corn on top, a layer of chicken strips on top of 
that, and all topped with a melted cheese layer.  (I think there may be gravy 
in there somewhere but I can't recall where.)

  What WERE they thingking?!

  Julie Krueger

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  At 12:37 PM 6/1/2006, you wrote:
  >>I do recommend, however, the ones for Fingus Fish Fingers and for Smash 
  >>Instant Potato (2)..."It is called Huddersfield."  The range of products 
  >>remind me how truly awful the kwee-zeen was.  "Tip Top Canned Desert 
  >>Topping."  Aaaaaaargh.
  >It's clearly been a while David. I remember evaporated milk, the poor 
  >cousin of 'desert topping'.
  >What about 'Angel Delight'. I recall that we had a container of 
  >butterscotch flavour in our pantry for years - it never got finished and 
  >never got thrown away.
  >And then there were school dinners...

  While we're reminiscing about English "cuisine", has anyone ever had Baked 
  Beans on Toast with Cheese on top? mmm mmm mmm, I still eat that a couple 
  of times a month. Fast, cheap and out of control. My friend thinks I'm 
  nuts, but he eats liverworst on dry toast so I can't trust him.


  Paul Stone
  Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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