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What I'd REALLY like to be able to choose is the method of that woman a few  
months ago who had someone break into her house, with intent to rape.  She  
asked him if he was hungry, fed him, chatted him up some, was sympathetic, read 
some sort of inspirational material to him, and got him to turn himself  in.
See, the idea of damaging someone else really is .....repellent to  me.
Julie Krueger
not a coward, however.  And pretty damned strong for my  size.

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<<Julie: You'd have to be closer?>>

I  certainly don't have any stats, but it's my decided impression that one 
could  shoot a rubber bullet gun from a farther distance than the reach of a  
base-ball bat, giving the assaulter (is that a word?) less time to get close  
enough to grab the bat, etc.  
Am I wrong?  Are rubber bullets only shot at extremely close  range?  A 
baseball bat is what -- 4' long roughly?
Julie Krueger

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