[lit-ideas] Re: Computer weirdness and rubber bullets

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Julie, get a big ol' shotgunish thing with ammo, take shooting and 
gun-maintenance lessons (and have the kids take lessons) and be done with it! 
May you never, ever have to reach under the bed to cock that Mossberg. 
Sleep well,
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  <<Julie: You'd have to be closer?>>
    I certainly don't have any stats, but it's my decided impression that one 
could shoot a rubber bullet gun from a farther distance than the reach of a 
base-ball bat, giving the assaulter (is that a word?) less time to get close 
enough to grab the bat, etc.  
  Am I wrong?  Are rubber bullets only shot at extremely close range?  A 
baseball bat is what -- 4' long roughly?

  Julie Krueger

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