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Ewww to evaporated milk.  Now sweetened condensed milk is a different  story 
.....I could drink that stuff for lunch if I didn't care what I looked  like.  
As it is a bowl of frozen blueberries with heavy cream poured over  them is a 
delightful breakfast.  As is grapenuts with half & half and a  healthy dose 
of sugar.  And Oatmeal, with a small well in the middle filled  with a couple 
Tbsps of real butter, circled with a pouring of half & half  and sprinkled 
generously with brown sugar.  Hey -- they say oatmeal is  nutritious!  and good 
for your heart!  And then there's Crème  Fraîche.....  God, I'm getting hungry. 
Think I'll have a rice  cake.  
Julie Krueger

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> I do recommend, however, the ones for Fingus  Fish Fingers and for Smash 
> Instant Potato (2)..."It is called  Huddersfield."  The range of products 
> remind me how truly awful  the kwee-zeen was.  "Tip Top Canned Desert 
> Topping."   Aaaaaaargh.

It's clearly been a while David. I remember evaporated milk,  the poor cousin 
of 'desert topping'.

What about 'Angel Delight'. I  recall that we had a container of butterscotch 
flavour in our pantry for  years - it never got finished and never got thrown 

And then  there were school dinners...


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