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At 12:37 PM 6/1/2006, you wrote:

I do recommend, however, the ones for Fingus Fish Fingers and for Smash Instant Potato (2)..."It is called Huddersfield." The range of products remind me how truly awful the kwee-zeen was. "Tip Top Canned Desert Topping." Aaaaaaargh.

It's clearly been a while David. I remember evaporated milk, the poor cousin of 'desert topping'.

What about 'Angel Delight'. I recall that we had a container of butterscotch flavour in our pantry for years - it never got finished and never got thrown away.

And then there were school dinners...

While we're reminiscing about English "cuisine", has anyone ever had Baked Beans on Toast with Cheese on top? mmm mmm mmm, I still eat that a couple of times a month. Fast, cheap and out of control. My friend thinks I'm nuts, but he eats liverworst on dry toast so I can't trust him.


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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