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What percentage of Arabs are not Muslim?
Anyone havea guess atthe %?
Julie Krueger

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SS>Brigette Gabriel's  interview [below] points to the
SS>fact that Arabs have behaved  identically with
SS>Christians in Lebanon. Why? They're not  Arabs.
SS>That's why. Period

"Arabs".   Not "Muslims",  "Arabs".  Yet surely Gabriel
really means -- as she says later --  "Militant Islamic
fundamentalist(s)"? Perhaps she thinks there's  no
difference.  That's worrying.

I mentioned what she said about  1975.  I'll quote it:

GB>When the Moslems and Palestinians  declared Jihad on
GB> the Christians in 1975 we didn't even know  what
GB>that word meant. We had taken them into our
country,  GB>allowed them to study side by side with
us, in our GB>schools and  GB>universities. We gave
them jobs, GB>shared with them our way of  life.

note "taken them into our country".  Lebanon was not,
was  it, a country that belonged to the Maronite
Christians?  (It  wasn't.)

The following is from aljazeerah.  It accords with
other  accounts I've seen:

>Lebanese Civil War:
> In Dec. 1975, a group  of Falangists (Phalangists)
> killed about 200 Muslims in a reprisal  attack for
> deaths of four of their own men. That is  generally
> seen as the event that sparked the civil war.

Judy  Evans, Cardiff

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Brigette Gabriel says in her  interview:
"As one who knows what's in the hearts and minds of
Arabs, let  me
[Brigette Gabriel] repeat what seems to be the hardest
thing  for
world opinion to accept: The Arabs have no intention
of  having
peace with the Jews period, exclamation point, end  of
No Jews can exist free and unencumbered in the  Middle
East. "What
an outrage. How dare the Jews come back and live  in
our midst,
make the desert blossom and create a country  more
advanced than
any other in the Middle East. And they don't even  have
any oil?"

Thank you, Judith, for the link to the interview  with
Gabriel [see the link below to the full interview] .
It  clarifies
and strengthens the case against Hezbollah, but more
than that  it
made me break into tears. Israel, like the Christians
who lived
in  Lebanon, are infidels. That is the reason they have
targeted to be  extinguished. Not because they've
stolen the land
from the  Arabs.

Over and over again, Omar repeats the same message:

"We are  supposed to buy the claim," Omar says, "that
Israel is
just a state like  any state, no different from Norway.
Well, it's
not. Normal states do not  occupy lands that do not
belong to
them. Normal states do not expel  populations that
don't belong to
the right ethnic -religious groop and  prevent them
from returning
indefinitely. Normal states don't invade other  states,
and they
have their borders clearly designated."

Over and  over again it's been said (by me, by
Lawrence, by
Mike...) that Israel was  the result of a two-state
solution: part
to Palestinians, part to Jews.  The Arab world rejected
that idea
from the first second and declared war  against little

Brigette Gabriel's interview [below] points to  the
fact that
Arabs have behaved identically with Christians  in
Lebanon. Why?
They're not Arabs. That's why. Period.

Judy  Evans, Cardiff

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