[lit-ideas] Brigette Gabriel again supporting Israel

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Helen -

Here is Brigette Gabrielle again. In response to your comment critical of 
Israel, I think she'd be uncomfortable as I am about the aerial bombing of 
Lebanon, but don't put words in her mouth. If you read this website -- every 
page -- I don't think she'd say, as you do, dead is dead. She sees Israel 
mourning the dead villagers and hears Israel's sadness, but she doesn't hear 
any sadness on the part of Nasralla's Hezbollah. Have you heard him express 
sadness at the dead and dying in Haifa and Nazareth that he targets with his 
missiles. Do you hear him feeling bad about blocking villagers from leaving 
their villages? He wants Lebanese dead and dying.

"We are facing an enemy," Brigette says, " that uses children as human bombs, 
mothers as suicide bombers, and men driven by the glory of death and the 
promise of eternal sexual bliss in heaven. We are fighting an enemy that loves 
death more than we love life. I am a victim of the Lebanese civil war, which 
was the first front in the worldwide Jihad of militant Islam against the only 
Christian country in the Middle East. My family's home was shelled and 
destroyed leaving me wounded. I lived underground in a bomb shelter from age 10 
to 17 without electricity and very little food. I had to crawl under sniper 
bullets to a spring to fetch water for my elderly parents. I was betrayed by my 
country, rescued by my enemy Israel, the Jewish State that is under attack for 
its existence today. 

911 changed most American lives forever, but it struck an especially sensitive 
chord with me. It reminded me that the entire world is threatened by the same 
radical Islamic theology that succeeded in annihilating the "infidels" in 
Lebanon. That's why I created American Congress for Truth. ACT was formed in 
June 2002 to inform, inspire and motivate Jews and Christians throughout 
society in ways to act and fight for our western ways of life and the values we 
cherish. Our members include Jews, Arabs and Christians from all background 
both secular and religious, liberals and conservatives. People who have put 
their differences aside to combat both anti American and anti Israel propaganda 
masquerading as anti Imperialism and anti Zionism wherever it exists; in the 
western media, among the intellectual elite, and on American college Campuses. 

So many times in history in the last 100 years, citizens have stood by and done 
nothing allowing evil to prevail. As America stood up against and defeated 
communism now it is time to stand up against the terror of religious bigotry 
and intolerance. I urge you to become an ACT activist and join a growing 
network of Americans concerned about securing their nation from acts of 
terrorism. Through American Congress for Truth you can be a voice effecting the 
future of your community and your nation. 

Thank you for your support. You are the heroes who make all our work possible. 
And I especially thank you for helping me protect the country that has blessed 
me so much, America, the dream that became my address." 

Brigitte Gabriel 

Open her website and read all the pages. You won't agree with Helen's 
assessment. Hezbollah's behavior is reason for it all. A cease-fire, in my 
opinion will do nothing but give Hezbollah more breathing room, not bring about 
any resolution. Hezbollah is a cancer and needs to be destroyed.

Stan Spiegel
Portland, ME

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