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It's not an attack, Lawrence, it's an analysis of your methods. You seem keen 
to discuss other people's ideas even to the extent of willfully misrepresenting 
the views of the opposition as you see it, but you are less keen to discuss 
your own ideas, or the ideas of the collective group you seem to represent. 

I would imagine that some people on the list get tired of being told what they 
think and I for one would like to hear what your views are past the point of 
what you think about 'the left'.

So tell us, Lawrence, what do the right think. And if you can manage it try and 
leave out what the right thinks about the left.


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  I did notice that none on the Left saw fit to discuss the ideas in the MEMRI 
dispatch.  I did notice that none saw fit to discuss the ideas in my comments.  
All anyone wanted to do was quibble about my reference to "leftists."  As 
though none on the Left really knew what Leftism meant.

  In Andreas article I recognized arguments I'd seen coming from the Left 
before except for his comment which could only be described as anarchic.  Why 
do you think there is an attack here Simon?  What attack?  Andreas made a 
comment and I looked it up.  Where is the attack?  I did see an attack in your 
note.  Did it take up the issue of the Saudi, Egyptian or PLO opposition to 
Hizbollah's adventurism?  No, You don't see fit to do that.  Does it take up a 
discussion of the Left's association with Anarchism (which is the subject of 
the note you seem to be responding to)?  No, you didn't see fit to do that.  
All you saw fit to do was the very thing you accuse the Right of doing, 
"attack," and yet you do it ineptly.  There is no substance to your attack.  It 
can't be pinned to anything concrete.  



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  Interesting that Lawrence's response, as so often, is an attack on the views 
of the political opposition rather than a defence of his own position. 

  As far as I see it, this is a common thread in US right wing politics. Try a 
Google search on "What the left thinks" and you'll get the idea. 

  Is this because the right are afraid of the left or is it because they have 
an effective policy vaccuum?

  Incidentally, British politics have become so centralised that there is 
little or no distinction between left and right. 


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