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I looked on Google for a definition.  I found this one from "Ask Amy" of 

"I think that the most accessible definition of feminism is the dictionary 
definition: the movement toward the full social, political, and economic 
equality of all people. The positive sides are obviously that it liberates each 
individual to be an individual regardless of their gender. The negative side 
could be that it will take so much work to break down thousands of years of 
conditioning--and some people, I'm sure, would rather live as status quo. In 
other words, some people would rather live complacently--being told what to do 
rather than deciding what you want to do

It sort of ties into Emerson, today's Quote of the Day:

"Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where
there is no path and leave a trail."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I don't particularly like Emerson, which might be prejudice.  It is rather glib 
to say go where there is no trail.  Still, the idea is, be an individual, think 
for yourself.  Joseph Campbell might work better in this context with his 
Hero's Journey into one's own self. 

They say that women want to be sex objects because of evolution.  I think it's 
because working for a living stinks, for both men and women.  The problem is 
that the alternative, not working, is worse.  Also, given that one out of two 
marriages ends in divorce, staking one's livelihood on marriage is iffy.  

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<sigh>  I guess we're back to definitions.  Maybe we should define what 
"feminism" means in the context of this dialogue.

Julie Krueger
still making endless lists of preparation for "Chanamas".  (Buy new dreidles & 
get Gelt; Mini-Christmas tree display that enchanted me, find candles for 
Menorah, make room for toy trains, find least expensive ground lamb, set up 
enormously long folding table in too-small dining room and figure what I can 
cook a day ahead tomorrow; determine appropriate mix of Christmas and Channukah 
CD's and have them ready; prepare chocolate satin pie, turkey breasts, lamb 
kiftas, artichoke dip.  Figure out how to make the oven cook at three different 
temperatures simultaneously.  Put something in daugher's "Mice Stocking" for 
her pet mice (why don't the cats and our Sheltie get stockings?).  Re-think 
Apricot Chantilly & Chocolate Elephant because they don't hold their shape 

Glass of wine.  Maybe two.  Followed by extreme expresso.

I'm so glad we have this wonderful vacation from the busy-ness of life; a time 
to relax and de-stress.  

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