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Still don't quite  understand what TLP means when it asserts a 'proposition 
is a fact' (rather than  is _of_ a fact)? Perhaps someone might explain.


Well,  perhaps Wittgenstein wasn't too serious on his classical  background.

Ditto his brother. His harmonies many regard now as  'simple'.

In Latin, from the Greek,


is an _act_  of 'ponere', to put.

positio is the noun formed out of the preterite  form.

The Greek exact equivalent is 'thesis'.

Now, 'pro' in Greek  would come out as meta-thesis? 

Then  there's

pre-positio   --

ad - positio

sub-  positio 

pre -- sub -- positio


Whereas 'fact' is  slightly abused in Latin. It is indeed from 'facere', to 
make. As in 'orifice',  to make a mouth or hole.

So, that the sun rises from the east is not a  _fact_ (unless you are a 
silly deist). 

It's not a pro-positio either.  You _pro-pose_ when you _say_ it.



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