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One could also claim, with the ordinary language philosophers, that one has
privileged insight into the meaning of words, statements, utterances and
what not.

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> so what?
> Well, the entry in Liddell/Scott for Greek for 'think' ends:
> IV. of words, bear a certain sense, mean, “πυθοίμεθ᾽ ἂν τὸν
> χρησμὸν ὅ  τι νοεῖ”
> Ar.Pl.55, cf. Nu.1186, Pl.Cra.407e; [εἰ] τοῦτο . . νοεῖ αὐτῷ if this
> means  for him that . . , Id.R.335e; also “ἐπιδεῖξαι ἐθέλω τὸ νυνί
>  μοι συμβεβηκὸς τί  ποτε νοεῖ” Id.Ap.40a; τὸ νοούμενον the
> sense, meaning, Phld.Po.Herc.991.4,  al.—Not in Th. or Oratt.
> -- i.e. the idea is that the noumenon is the _sense_ that Frege worshipped
> and Grice avoided ("do not multiply senses beyond necessity").
> Perhaps the clearest statement is by Yost:
> "To speak of something without reference to empiricism
> ... is to claim
> direct knowledge of a noumen[on], which is type of faith or imaginative
> leap."
> ----
> One may disagree.
> If 'noumenon' ultimately derives from THINK, we need a thinker. It's true
> that only empiricists claim that there's nothing in the intellect (in the
> thought) that was not before in the senses -- but most philosophers must
> postulate some connection between thinking processes and, shall we say,
> _sensing_ stuff.
> I'm not sure I buy the Greek idea that 'noumenon' is the _meaning_. For
> one, it's _utterers_ who mean, never or hardly ever words. A word only
> acquires  meaning by its use within a population of speakers that share a
> form of
> life (as  someone said).
> Oddly, Rodin's statue, The Thinker, is the great producer of noumena.
> Cheers,
> Speranza
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