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  • Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 16:07:43 +0100

Yeah it bite’s doesn’t it, first I don’t have a card, and have the
money.  Now I have the card and no money DOH!
Hope you alright man, I’m surviving of course.  How about yourself, had
any joy?  I hope to make it on Friday (sorry Jason I’ve only just waded
through the backlog of list mail) I will let you know as soon as I sort
my end out.
Take it easy guys, I’ve got application forms and DSS essay’s books to
fill out.  Nice!
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Good new Jamie.
All we need now is a job.!
hope your ok
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I recently lost the use of my bank card, through no fault of my own of
course.  I was shot with a paintball (well many actually) and although I
managed to avoid the bruise, it meant sacrificing the card as body
armour.  Shattered it into 3 bits, impressive.
Anyway, Kerr & Duncan will vouch for this, all the time I have had an
account with the Halifax they have denied me any kind of switch / solo /
cheque book card.  I ordered another across the counter the other day,
and its just turned up.  
And they sent me a SOLO enabled card!, oh the joy of internet ordering
is at last my own.  It’s a cool thing when you’ve never had the option.
The card is warm in my pocket, itching for it’s first use, be still my
pretty the time is nigh.

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