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  • Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 01:11:16 +0100

If I did then I’d be sending my CV to them, I however will not work for
food. :-)
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Speaking of employment, does anyone know of any companies that are:
a) Recruiting IT staff at present
b) Recruiting Technical Project Managers
c) Recruiting 3rd line techie staff (Wintel specialities, integration,
architecture and messaging specialities too)
Will work for food!! :-)
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Aw cool, not bothered man.  Someone of <16 would probably have much
better money management skills than I have :p
Its dangerous I’ll admit that, I’ve used it to buy online already which
isn’t a good thing really – not considering I’m unemployed and need to
save my money.  Better get a job soon :-)

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