[lanse] Re: Introduce your selves (why not?)

  • From: "Mat Thomas" <Phiebs@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 19:48:42 +0100

Lo all

I'm Phiebs (AKA Mat) and I am 1/3 LANSE admin along with Jase and Kerr.

I play most FPS games, CS being my fave :p.

My rig(s) are

Desktop (Dell)

P4 1800
512mb RAM
120gb Hdd
SB Live
Ge-Force 3
19" Monitor
3com 3C509 10/100 NIC
bla bla bla

Laptop (Dell) - for LAN's - easier to take :p

P3 1.2ghz
512mb RAM
40gb HDD
32mb Ge-Force 2
Some soundcard (ESS Maestro or summit)
10/100 3com FE575C Card
15.1" 100hz @ 1400x1050 Screen :))))))))
All other normal stuff

Then a Compaq server - normal stuff (Dual P3...SCSI...)

Well keep the profiles coming!


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