[lanse] Introduce your selves (why not?)

  • From: Jason Halls <jason.halls@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'list@xxxxxxxxxxx'" <list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:39:53 +0100

Hi Guys. . . 

There are now 20 ppl on the list, I know some of you. . . Who else we got in

Most of you know me. . . I'm Jason, I run a LANSE (www.lanse.co.uk) in my
spare time & work as a sysadmin.

I mainly play 1st person shooters and some RTS.

My Rig is:
XP1500 (un clocked - haven't had the need to yet)
2 x Maxtor D740X in raid0 (32k stripe)
512 meg 2100 DDR
Radion 8500LE (Unclocked)
Thermalright SK6 cooler, YS tech fan + 2 80MM fans on case
1 x Plextor 24x 10x 40
1 x 10x 40x DVD
1 x 52x CDROM
Running XP Home

Common ppl, who are you!


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