[lanse] Re: Introduce your selves (why not?)

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  • Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 17:19:01 +0100

hi my names kerr, im an alcoholic=20

...doh! wrong list=20


I help out at lans and run a company IT/support dept in my sparetime.
Im big fan of linux (servers not desktops) and generally prefer FPSgames
QUAKE 3 being the daddy.

Just finished Jedi knight2 (stonking game)
Im eagerly waiting SOF2 in the hope it spawns an improved CS clone.

fender precisian usa custom
Hartke 3500 dual head 350w
Alesis multiverb
4 x 10 custom bass bin

...doh wrong list again :-)


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Hi Guys. . .=20

There are now 20 ppl on the list, I know some of you. . . Who else we =
got in

Most of you know me. . . I'm Jason, I run a LANSE (www.lanse.co.uk) in =
spare time & work as a sysadmin.

I mainly play 1st person shooters and some RTS.

My Rig is:
XP1500 (un clocked - haven't had the need to yet)
2 x Maxtor D740X in raid0 (32k stripe)
512 meg 2100 DDR
Radion 8500LE (Unclocked)
Thermalright SK6 cooler, YS tech fan + 2 80MM fans on case
1 x Plextor 24x 10x 40
1 x 10x 40x DVD
1 x 52x CDROM
Running XP Home

Common ppl, who are you!


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