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  • From: Geoffrey Kruse <gkruse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 08:11:00 -0800

On Feb 3, 2006, at 8:05 AM, Francis Gulotta wrote:

I'm honored to be considered. I'm well versed in subversion but not so much in KisMac's code. Rsync is a lot simpler I don't know any guides off hand, but ask me anything, I know more about rsync then subversion. Basically - "rsync source/ destination/" puts the files from the source dir into the destination dir while "rsync source destination/" puts the source dir into the destination dir.

Back to being a maintainer for KisMac, I've never actually dealt with KisMac's code. (I just checked out a copy and I can't even get it to compile yet.) So while I'd love the job, I need some time to catch up (Maybe Geoffrey Kruse can help me?). On the other

I am familiar with some of the kismac code, but not the lower level stuff. I'm pretty comfortable with cocoa now though so perhaps I would be able to help out some. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them right away.


I deleted the email from the guy who doesn't feel comfortable with svn, but read the book.

Thanks! I was happy with my "svn up KisMacng" command, but I'll have a look at the book over time and try and get the hang of more than that. Don't suppose you know of a similar guide for rsync, do you?

On another topic, would you be one to consider maintaining the central code repository for KisMAC? I don't think I should take on the position - even once I get more comfortable with the range of functions of svn - simply because my time available for such involvement is too sporadic (I've only had lots of time this week because I'm flying out of a different base away from home). As exhibit A, I've had "write GPS doco for KisMAC" on my To Do list for months now... and it still doesn't exist.

If I may attempt to summarise - we've had the following offers so far:

Design/Feature ideas:
everyone, but more specifically...

Website overhaul/maintenance:

Forum moderator(s):
John Warren

Project code maintenance:
Geoffrey Kruse
? Francis Gulotta

Perhaps if Francis & Geoffrey are willing to be co-maintainers for the svn repository, then themacuser can work on overhauling the site and creating forums, which themacuser and John can then moderate.

... and of course, in a couple of months, we'll look forward to seeing a bit more of Mick.

Are folks happy with that idea?  Any corrections/omissions?

Great to see the project getting some more activity!


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