[kismac] Re: KisMAC Maintenance (Airport Extreme)

  • From: Francis Gulotta <reconbot@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 09:09:04 -0500

Woo! Viva la KiaMac!

I was thinking that exact solution, a lead programmer does not necessarily make the best project manager. An eventual project manager, Trac/SVN, broadcom drivers, a proposed goal to a first stable release, and the fact I've seen more traffic on this list in the past couple of days then the past couple of months, makes me.. happy =D

I deleted the email from the guy who doesn't feel comfortable with svn, but read the book.
It will take you through everything you need to know from how to use it (btw, svnX is pretty good for daily use, but learn the cli stuff) and the concepts behind revision control and tags and whatever else. I still refer to the book from time to time. But (on or off list) I'd be more then happy to answer any questions you have about it. (The biggest hurdle for me was the concept of a working copy and how it stored all the extra information, server, username, revisions, etc.)


On Jan 28, 2006, at 5:24 AM, numE wrote:

Nice to hear, that Mick is still alive and the project isn't
death - lets call it freezed ;-)

Including Micks support this is probably the best solution (without

Some guys reverse engineered the broadcom drivers (airport extreme),
and some other guys wrote a new linux driver based on their specs
(chinese wall principle).
this could be really interesting for the mac community as well:

the documentation project is here:

the reverse engineering project is here:

what do you all/mick think?


Michael Rossberg schrieb:
Hi everybody,

as you have all more or less noticed, i am no longer able to maintain
kismac at all. i am currently doing an internship, which pretty much
eats up all my time. worse than that one of my flat mates told the
t-com, that we no longer need our dsl :o(. there will be no change of
this situation at least until april.
now to be honest i am an enemy of forks. forks have the side effect,
that a lot of work is done twice and even worse a lot of fork tend to
die early. only few of you may know that there had been a fork of
kismac already. no need to search for it anymore... instead of forming
a community website, where everything grows wild, my proposal would be
the election of a new maintainer and/or people who may commit changes.
the advantages are clearly better code and the security that there is
a person in charge. i would fully support such a solution, with my
advice, webspace and help (the last thing after april). what do you
guys think? somebody who would volunteer? robin? geoff? globo? i would
write a request for a new maintainer etc. on the website, if some of
you like the idea. i think this way we are able to steer this
"eruption", and force it in a steady direction.

now to more particular problems, that i want to give some comments on:
- the sourceforge idea: sf is nice if you have some unix project. with
all the compile servers etc. binaervarianz can give us way more
flexibility (as we control the server ourselves)
- the patches by Geordie (themacuser): i actually integrated two of
your patches in my private source tree. the reason i did not post
them, was you third patch. the ethereal thingy. you hard coded the
ethereal path and the code was imho a bit "messy". which was something
i wanted to clean up, but then the internship started. i also wanted
to do a couple of tests before checkin, because of the rather large

Good night evening (or whatever time it may be in your place) and
thanks for all the participation =)


p.s. globo thanks for the sms, would not have read these mails...

Francis Gulotta reconbot@xxxxxxx I'm just this guy, you know?

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