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  • From: Francis Gulotta <reconbot@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2006 11:05:22 -0500

I'm honored to be considered. I'm well versed in subversion but not so much in KisMac's code. Rsync is a lot simpler I don't know any guides off hand, but ask me anything, I know more about rsync then subversion. Basically - "rsync source/ destination/" puts the files from the source dir into the destination dir while "rsync source destination/" puts the source dir into the destination dir.

Back to being a maintainer for KisMac, I've never actually dealt with KisMac's code. (I just checked out a copy and I can't even get it to compile yet.) So while I'd love the job, I need some time to catch up (Maybe Geoffrey Kruse can help me?). On the other hand I've got a lot of strengths when it comes to database applications (mostly with SQL/ php) and I've setup and maintained plenty of web apps (forums/cms - trac's next on my list) and built a few services (mostly for work). So maybe I can be help elsewhere while I learn KisMac's code. (I guess I'd want to talk with themacuser there.)

Either way, I'm going to start learning the finer points of xcode and to start making some Mac Apps. If I can benefit kismac along the way I'd love to do it.


On Feb 1, 2006, at 7:05 PM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

I deleted the email from the guy who doesn't feel comfortable with svn, but read the book.

Thanks! I was happy with my "svn up KisMacng" command, but I'll have a look at the book over time and try and get the hang of more than that. Don't suppose you know of a similar guide for rsync, do you?

On another topic, would you be one to consider maintaining the central code repository for KisMAC? I don't think I should take on the position - even once I get more comfortable with the range of functions of svn - simply because my time available for such involvement is too sporadic (I've only had lots of time this week because I'm flying out of a different base away from home). As exhibit A, I've had "write GPS doco for KisMAC" on my To Do list for months now... and it still doesn't exist.

If I may attempt to summarise - we've had the following offers so far:

Design/Feature ideas:
everyone, but more specifically...

Website overhaul/maintenance:

Forum moderator(s):
John Warren

Project code maintenance:
Geoffrey Kruse
? Francis Gulotta

Perhaps if Francis & Geoffrey are willing to be co-maintainers for the svn repository, then themacuser can work on overhauling the site and creating forums, which themacuser and John can then moderate.

... and of course, in a couple of months, we'll look forward to seeing a bit more of Mick.

Are folks happy with that idea?  Any corrections/omissions?

Great to see the project getting some more activity!


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