[kismac] Re: GPSD Support for KisMAC?

  • From: kyle@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 14:59:19 -0400 (EDT)

> It has always struck me that GPS data on a laptop should be a
> Multiple-use feature, like the real time clock. Just because the
> clock is displayed in the menubar doesn't mean that no other
> application can get the current time.  But if one app has the serial
> port open, no one else can use it.

My thoughts exactly!

> Now, while I've written code doing TCP/IP and have compiled gpsd for
> MacOS X, I'm not sure more than one app could access its NMEA stream
> at a time.  But certainly, you could bind the port, issue the command

I can confirm that this is possible. I've compiled (and used many times)
GPSDrive 1.31, and gpsmap at the same time. GPSDrive (running under X11)
spawns gpsd, and gpsmap has the ability to either open the serial port
itself, or connect to a gpsd  (hostname and port number are configurable).
While I'm a unix guy, I couldn't program my way out of a paper bag, so I
doubt I'm up to the task :)

Off topic, but I'm curious if anyone knows if anyone is attempting to
write a viha-based capture source for kismet? The kismet page mentions its
very possible and to contact the kismet author if anyones interested, but
I can't find any mention of anyone endeavouring to do so..

> WallStreet, etc.)?  It would mean I couldn't use my external antenna
> without some surface mount soldering (which I hate to contemplate),
> but if that works, I may try it.

OOC, has anyone seen a well-done hack for ibooks? Ive got an ibook, and
while the antenna is great, i'd love to hack in an external connector for
a directional antenna..

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