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  • From: Ulf Wetzker <ulfsen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 22:04:10 +0200

On Wed, 7 May 2003 14:59:19 -0400 (EDT)
kyle@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> OOC, has anyone seen a well-done hack for ibooks? Ive got an ibook,
> and while the antenna is great, i'd love to hack in an external
> connector for a directional antenna..
I know 2 ways, with out damaging anything, until now... but couldn't try
them out (we don't have any ibook at all here :( ).
1.) it should be very easy to detach the modem port. now you can just
get an cable through this howl oder you can try to use this free space
to build a sma/mmca/mcx/smb/smc... connector in, instead of the modem
2.) same thing should be possible with any usb port (other ports might
be more difficult)
3.) am really thin cables like rg 174/188/316 or rg 178/196 fit directly
through the Kensington-lock (but in this way you won't be able to remove
the cable anymore :( )
4.) I think the most interesting way is that an mmcx connector fits
through the Kensington-lock (you must rasp it a bit). If someone sends
me an straight mmcx connector and a mmcx socket (its to expensiv for me
in the moment :( ) will try if it's possible to do this. (and someone
has to persuade mike that I get his Ti again ;))

Does someone know (perhaps rob ?!?) how to build a HF-Antennaswitch or
how to activate the second external antenna port of the airport card (is
an hardware problem ...)? Because then we would be able to use the
internal antenna and an external antenna with to open the Ti/iMac all
the time.

Sorry for my bad English *grr*

cu ulf

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