RE: hardware that are accessible with jaws

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 09:05:32 -0500

Hi, there,


Actually, I think it is a Jaws topic.  There are things to watch out for.
Certain video cards work better with jaws than others.  The sound card and
the mother board aren't as big a deal as the vid card.  Go to the freedom
scientific website and do a search for video card issues to get the latest
info.  The nvdia cards didn't used to work well with jaws but now,
thankfully since my pc's came with them, that problem is under control.  I'm
sure there are others still out there who aren't though and it's worth
looking into so you don't build a machine that isn't fully accessible to
you.  I'm going to also recommend 2 gigs of ram to you.  You may want to buy
things like natural-sounding voices for Jaws to use and the more the merrier
is the rule with ram when it comes to big files like that.  It'll also do
you good if you plan to install things like OpenBook and work it in
conjunction with Jaws, I.E. scanning stuff directly into word and with
openbook and then manipulating it with  your word processor using Jaws.  I
got the 2 gig recommendation from someone at Freedom during a technical
support call and it's been good advice, so, I'll pass it on to you.


Have fun building your pc and I hope this helps.







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hi listers i need an advice on this please because i'm about to build a new
computer i want opinions on the best motherboard and soundcard everything
that i can access with jaws please like i'm not worried about a price i want
to build a very quick machine so ur help would be appreciated i know this is
not a jaws topic but i don't know where to go for this type of question
sorry again mods but i really need help with this i want the best product
price is not an issue at all thanks cheers 

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