Re: hardware that are accessible with jaws

  • From: Chris Smart <chris_s@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 17:25:43 -0400

Do you really have no idea where to possibly start researching? Are you for real?

This isn't just unrelated to Jaws, it's unrelated to blind folks.

How about consulting any general pc doscussion forum on the web? or go look at any of the computing magazines on the web that review hardware, or look for any Web sites that discuss hardware? I bet there are quite a few online forums for people who like to build their own machines.

Shops that build computers are usually called OEM's, original equipment manufacturers. Why not find a shop that builds computers and specify exactly what you want in it? That might save you time and money compared to doing it yourself. Call them up and tell them what sorts of tasks your new computer is going to be performing. If it isn't something specific like running a recording studio or serving Web content, why not just go to Dell's site and pick all your specifications and get them to build it?

If you absolutely must do it all yourself, any manufacturer that builds motherboards will likely have a Web site. go googling. Obviously Intel make CPU's. Other companies make the memory, hard drives, etc. Again, google is your friend here.

Nobody can just tell you what to buy, because hey, WE AREN'T YOU!!
Saying the sky's the limit is a bit silly. Did you just win the lottery?

Maybe start by googling phrases like "motherboard review" "hard drive review" "sound card review" etc.

The lack of punctuation and spelling in your post suggests you aren't very serious about this though.

At 04:04 PM 9/13/2009, you wrote:
hi listers i need an advice on this please because i'm about to build a new computer i want opinions on the best motherboard and soundcard everything that i can access with jaws please like i'm not worried about a price i want to build a very quick machine so ur help would be appreciated i know this is not a jaws topic but i don't know where to go for this type of question sorry again mods but i really need help with this i want the best product price is not an issue at all thanks cheers

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