Authorization key will not install under Windows XP

  • From: Doug Lawlor <dlawlor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:39:11 -02-30

Hello list, we have just acquired a new system running Windows XP home 
addition service pack 1. The problem  I am having is as follows: I insert 
the authorization disk and run the hj authorization manager from the disk 
and select install from the radio buttons and press the execute button. The 
disk spins and spins for the longest time and finally a  message is 
displayed in  the information box saying that there is no valid 
authorization key on the disk. I contacted freedom Scientific technical 
support and was given an  authorization string to update my keys on the 
disk. After this was accomplished we made sure that there was no virus 
scanning software running on the system then we tried to install the 
authorization key again. Still, the same result. According to there 
technical support department certain motherboards will not allow these keys 
to be installed. I was told I would have to contact my Canadian dealer to 
get a dongle which plugs into the USB port then   the software will be 
authorized through this piece of hardware. The question I have is do I have 
to do this? I certainly do not feel like taking up my USB ports with there 
stupid dongles in order to use there software which I paid them dam good 
money for! Is there anything running under XP home by default which would 
cause this foolishness to happen? This is a brand new system with nothing 
else installed on it except Windows XP and Nero cd burning software. What 
the hell do people do about this stupid security system when this happens? 
I really need to get this running today if at all possible. Suffice to say, 
if I can not get this to work Freedom Scientific  will not get any more 
business from me. Likewise I will not hesitate to recommend to others not 
to buy there software if problems like this are going to be the result. 
I've got a lot more to do than spending money for transportation to bring 
computers back and forth to local dealers to get something which will work 
with there software. Where not back in the 90's anymore! I would appreciate 
knowing what people have done to resolve this problem. Sorry for the rather 
long rant but I can't stand when companies such as Freedom Scientific 
unintentionally or not put us over a barrel like this

Thanks in advance,


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