Re: A question about captchas.

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 07:43:37 -0400

Hello there;

I just wanted to point out, that, in case one forgets the keystroke to solve 
captcha's, just press the applications key, up or down arrow, you will see, 
solve captcha, just press enter, and wait until the code is placed on your 

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  Clarification. that's control-alt-6 on the row above the letters, not the 
numpad. also, you need to have graphics enabled on your Firefox browser.

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  I think James would agree this is JAWS- and screenreader-related because 
Webvisum, the company, requires some evidence of visual disability by virtue of 
demanding that new users obtain invitations. My apologies to James if he 

  I have experience with Webvisum, for which Firefox is needed. Once you have 
followed the website's instructions (listed in another reply) for obtaining an 
invitation, Webvisum makes CAPTIA very easy. Land on the webpage and press 
alt-control-6. You don't even need to be in the relevant field. Wait a few 
moments and Webvisum will notify you that the field has been filled in. Press 
the button to go to the next page, and you'll be in. It's a little spooky.

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  Hi folks!  I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I'm needing 
some helpful hints on dealing with security text on web-sites.  I like to visit 
a sight that makes you type a word or phrase every time you log on, even though 
I have a password.  How do blind folks read these without the help of sighted 
assistance.  Thanks very much!

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