Re: A question about captchas.

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  • Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2010 07:33:45 -0700

There's also a captcha solution that will run on Internet Explorer. Go to to set it up.


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  This is incorrect.  There IS a solution to the captcha problem and it was 
designed especially for the blind.  There's an application for your web browser 
called Webvisum, and it solves the visual captcha for you then pastes it into 
your clipboard.  First, you need to be using Firefox.  Then download Webvisum 
---I don't know the URL offhand, but you can look it up on Google, of course.  
Once you're registered as a Webvisum user you can download it.  Then, when 
you're faced with one of those things, you hit your application key and one of 
the options will be Solve Captcha.  Select that and it will take about twenty 
to thirty seconds to do it's work.  Finally, it will announce that the captcha 
solution is in your clipboard and you can just paste it into the edit field.  
I've heard that it occasionally fails, but I've never had this happen.



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        there is not much you can do with the visual captchas that you find on 
some sites. Those captchas are mostly graphic representations and there for 
there is not actual text involved.
    The best you can do is have someone help or at least send a message to the 
website administrators and see if they will put in an audio captcha feature 
which will let you here a string of text inter mixed with other background 
noise from which you'll need to type in what you hear.
    At this time, that is the best work around out there that I know of.

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      Subject: A question about captchas.

      Hi folks!  I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I'm 
needing some helpful hints on dealing with security text on web-sites.  I like 
to visit a sight that makes you type a word or phrase every time you log on, 
even though I have a password.  How do blind folks read these without the help 
of sighted assistance.  Thanks very much!

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