[iyonix-support] Re: Iyonix network lock out

  • From: John Ballance <jwb@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: iyonix-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2012 23:03:17 +0100


OK.. others may have a better answer at this point..but..

What you describe implies a low level routine that has no realistic timeout. I guess the obvious question to ask is whether you are on the latest version of the OS, and whether this would occur on an earlier version.

Also is there anything you can do locally that can emulate this isp link failure .. It is far easier for a 3rd party to investigate this sort of issue if there is a repeatable way for others to trigger it?


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On 08/04/2012 21:57, Frank de Bruijn wrote:
In article<16196D3C-B966-4E06-BDD0-B0A3FE026FF0@xxxxxxxxx>,
    John Ballance<jwbdotnet@xxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Ok.. Can you ping any ip address.. Ether local, or outside the house?
If you have a workable pathe you'll be able to ping ip addresses..
Next is to ping specific address.. E.g. Www.rosery.net.  You should
gent a near immediate response of the ip address of the name you
gave..I.e. DNA lookup.
Everything is working perfectly, as it always has, as long as the actual
internet connection beyond the cable modem does not fail at the wrong
moment. Things will only go wrong, if the internet connection disappears
IN THE MIDDLE of a transfer of any kind. E.g. if the computer is in the
process of picking up a log file from one of the remote sites or
retrieving mail from a POP3 box.

Sometimes the whole machine freezes when this happens, sometimes the
network interface appears to lock up. No network connection of any kind
can be made then, even ping by IP address to the router or other
machines on the LAN does not work. And no, it is not a problem with the
router, as the same happened when I still used my old router and the
other machines have no problem pinging it or each other anyway.

If the modem loses its link with the CMTS while the machine is not doing
anything network related, nothing unexpected happens. Once the Iyonix
needs to connect to something 'outside', it will simply report that it
cannot lookup the hostname or cannot connect to the host. The network
interface will continue to function normally (e.g. pinging inside the
LAN works).


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