[openbeos] Re: mp4 reader now alpha

  • From: Ronald Vos <egregius@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 14:11:40 +0200

Looking at the Helix license ( https://helixcommunity.org/content/rpsl
), it looks like it's a GPL like license. You are required to
distribute the source-code. You can distribute it binary only, but you
must include a notice on where the source-code can be found. You may
modify it, but then you must add the names of the authors to the
contributors list.

However, you may make a derivative work (like making a front-end,
adding a module, linking to it, etc.), and then you're only forced to
distribute the code of the code already covered by the RPSL under
RPSL, as long as the other code is under a compatible license (BSD is
included). So it isn't viral like the GPL.

BTW, IANAL, but I did study law for one year :)
(meaning I know some legalese, but don't rope me up for it; however
the text is surprisingly clear compared to say Sun's licenses)

On 8/2/05, Nathan Sylvain <optikwhite@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Good to hear that the mp4 reader is coming along.  As far as audio is
> concerned, have you looked into faad2 available at
> http://www.audiocoding.com.  If I am not mistaken, 3ivx and Winamp use
> it for decoding aac audio on Windows and I believe Winamp also uses it
> to encode aac audio into mp4 files.  There is also an aac
> implementation in the Helix(Real) source tree but I am uncertain if
> their license is compatible witht he one used but Haiku but it might
> be possible to make a binary only dist. of the decoder.
> You can find any relevant information regarding Helix at
> https://helixcommunity.org/

But: don't we already use GPLed tools, or have the commandline tools
all been rewritten in MIT code? Because if some GPL tools are already
included, there's no objection to using the GPLed AAC encoders, right?

Is there an objection to using GPLed software anyway? It doesn't
compromise the OS itself.

Last question: shouldn't the Bebits AAC decoder not also encode, like
mentioned? I haven't tried myself though.


Ok, I've searched some further, and it might not be possible to ship a
compiled version of AAC-decoders at all judging from the
audiocoding.com pages:.
"Currently binaries can't be downloaded here. Dolby, the AAC licensing
authority, won't allow that."
"Please note that the use of this software may require the payment of
patent royalties."

Also in old-news:
Maybe that has changed partly in the meantime. Now I'm really curious
to how the Helix guys/gals solved this. Oh wait, they haven't:


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