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  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 18:53:34 +0000

OT about 10/GUI ( I can't visit that link currently, but I will soon ) but
I have some ideas about deskbar, if you aren't interested skip please , the
following text is written in a poor english too.

Look at the attached mockup, please; it has been thought to manage windows
with "layers" or "groups" like in image editors.

Actually I don't mean to have something like this, but if the deskbar could
manage custom groups beyond the current implementation by "application" the
user can set as visible a group of windows at once with a simple click onto
it, still using workspaces to take applications apart, if you haven't caught
the concept with these messy words this is an example: (image not included)

A user has got a visible group named "Jukebox" with Tracker ( folders containing
media files ) on the 1st WS, MediaPlayer on 2nd, ArmyKnife to edit tags on
3rd, StyledEdit to edit playlists on 4th, BEAE to do some cropping on 5th,
Terminal and oggenc running on 6th, etc, every other existing group is hidden.

When the user does just a click on the "Communication" group the windows
cited above will disappear and he/she could have People folder and IMKIT
queries on 1st WS, IMKIT chats on 2nd, a browser opened  with some forums
or any other socials on 3rd, "new mail" query and Mail on 4th, IRC on 5th,

I hope it's less foggy with the given example.

How to associate windows to (multiple) groups:

:: dragging the window item from the taskbar to a group ( existing or not

:: click "custom group" button on deskbar and select an existing ( or make
a new ) group, this will be applied to the current focused window;

:: middle mouse button click on window tab and select an existing ( or make
a new ) group;

Sorry for this spam.

Michele Frau aka zuMi

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