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  • Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 08:26:26 +0100

Yet you persist in still quoting from the hated black book.

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  You are defending a book that you believe was divinely inspired. I used to do 
the same. But that book is a collection of books, and we have very little real 
evidence as to who wrote any of them.

  Take prophecy. Many believe that the murder and mayhem in the world today is 
divine will. Do you really think that The Almighty would use murderers, liars 
and madmen like Bush, Cheney, Blair, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to achieve 
the ordained purpose? Would that not make The Almighty complicit in these 
horrendous crimes?

  Look at the flowers and the weeds. Did The Almighty create both? Or did 
perhaps The Almighty create the flowers and the Devil create the weeds? Did The 
Almighty create dolphins and the Devil come along and create sharks? Is mankind 
created in two distinct images?

  You never met the men who decided centuries ago which books would be included 
and which would be rejected. Is it not possible that they had a particular 

  In short, I now defend The Almighty, as I perceive The Almighty to be. The 
black book does not fit in anymore with this understanding and I very much 
regret that it ever did.

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