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  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 21:01:19 +0100

If you had been got-at by them would you have been allowed to tell us?
Are you updating the moon landing paper or have you changed your mind about it 
having happened?

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  I wasn't going to answer this, but the forum has gone so quiet since you 
posted it that I think I had better reassure you all.

  No, 'they' have not got to me yet. My position is based upon faith, reason 
and scientific investigation. I have not been blackmailed, bribed, set-up or 
otherwise coerced into changing my position.

  I maintain that modern astrophysics and cosmology are wrong, just as I 
maintain that uniformitarian geology and organic evolution are wrong. I am 
therefore doing a bit of work on web site articles to refine the most promising 
ones. Some less rigorous ones will be pruned out. The result should be a 
stronger, healthier site.


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