[geocentrism] Re: Geosynchronous Satellites in a Geostationary Universe

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Thank you for your comments.

I use pdf for many reasons. It produces a small file, most people have Acrobat Reader, it is widely-used for publication of scientific material, and I use LaTeX (which I find immensely superior to Scientific Word). I appreciate that, without the full Adobe package, pdf files cannot be manipulated, but I find that a virtue.

As regards the Moon, my view is basically this: a) The supposed gravitational relationship between the World and the Moon does not work (there is a correlation between tides and the Moon, for instance, but this is not caused by gravity); b) The density of the Moon has been assumed to be that required by Newton's universal gravitation formula, with the latter then being proclaimed as truth (ie, the circular reasoning that I find so crazy). c) The gravity forces throughout the universe, by inference, would be so complex that the ordered cosmos we observe would be impossible. d) I believe that the Moon going around a path that is fixed in the fabric of space (not One Stone's "space-time") is the only way of achieving the clockwork precision of the heavens.

I hope that this answers your question.


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Neville, i will try to comment without any copy from your text..
My question is this..  If you change the formulation to bring gravity away from the constant established, in order for there to be no gravitational pull at the height of the geostat satellite, then how do you account for the formulation still working in accord with the orbit of the moon.  ?  which we must assume is still attached to the world , and in the geocentric model rotating at a 24 hour orbit, and far greater centrifugal force than that attributed in the 28 day ascentric orbit.   at least as it seems to me.. 

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