[geocentrism] Re: Geosynchronous Satellites in a Geostationary Universe

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Thanks, yes. It does. Of course it could be objected that the g of the moon a la density is confirmed by the predicted orbits working quite as expected by objects of known density being sent to orbit the moon. How would you explain this ?


I have for many years been swimming against the tide as regards the claims of the Americans and Russians, for both would already have disproven geocentrism since the 1960s if their claims were true.

I maintain that the Moon Hoax is along similar lines to, and is perpetrated by the same type of people (Disney Corporation, etc.) as, the holocaust hoax.

It is all one big, fat, juicy lie.

God, however, is truth, as you know. I will stick by God; isolation and ridicule are irrelevant.


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