[geocentrism] Re: Geosynchronous Satellites in a Geostationary Universe

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"To discard Newton is to force a re-structuring of physics"
  Funny, NASA cant get Newton to explain pioneer 10 or 11 or even get anything 
to work using Newton exclusively (error factor of 1.11 parts in 300) and if not 
Newton exclusively then not exclusively Newton!...:) ..Dare I even go so far as 
to say Newton not at all if other fudge factors must be part of the 
calculations under consideration. Why not something all together different? If 
not why not? One can claim Newton has a close description of reality, however, 
nowhere did even Newton himself claim certainly of the reality of how or why 
his own descriptions even work......"Re-structuring of physics" Yes, that is 
exactly what has been going on........not sure where he is in his 
understanding..... What is suggested is a difference in that change due to 
different reasons for that re-structuring not the fact that restructuring is 
  1. Nessisary in light of "real" O&E not just imaginary ones, regardless of 
what side of the fence you sit on..
  2. Is presently going on even now..?

Bernie Brauer <bbrauer777@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:    Fwd, I need ideas to comment 
back to this doubter.  bb
  To discard Newton is to force a re-structuring of physics.  Let me know when 
his complete refutation & replacement of the PRINCIPIA is in print.  Also, send 
me links to a few reviews in the scientific journals on physics.
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