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Nicely put, Philip. And I agree with you about popes not being able to change the real meaning/message (where that leaves infallibility I don't know), so I suppose I see the "New Vatican" idea that you have so often mentioned.

As for the poem ... well ... don't give up your day job.



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Newcomers to the forum might like to read this basic introduction to the mainstream view of geocentrism, since it is a fine example of the shallowness that most commentators exhibit regarding some of the issues involved.


Quite so Neville. When he resorts to this,
"Now what about the proposition that the earth is the unmoving centre of the universe? Well, GR states that the effect of a force resisting gravity and the effect of a force accelerating a reference frame are identical and indistinguishable. In GR, spacetime geometry is determined by the distribution of matter/energy in the universe (there is no absolute space) and the spacetime geometry influences the flow of matter/energy. It is therefore utterly meaningless to talk about a spatial centre for the universe because in GR, space has no absolute meaning." 
As far as I can logically determine, GR  has no meaning at all. Space I can examine and give it meaning.
At the very beginning he opens up with the requirement of moderate  knowledge of modern Physics, and a link to a wiki witch starting with saying
"Physics is the science of matter[1] and its motion[2][3]—the science that deals with concepts such as force, energy, mass, and charge. It is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the world around us behaves.
We all can see how it behaves, its why it appears to behave that way that physics is at a loss to explain.
How convenient is that definition, when even in their most critical analysis of what these things ARE, everything is avoided in the why these things are, with all the emphasis on what these things do. They can only guess at why.
And finally in a clincher he calls to a religion for corroboration,
"Appendix: Vatican admits Galileo correct (from the Los Angeles Times, October 31, 1992)

VATICAN CITY -- It's official: The Earth revolves around the sun, even for the Vatican."
Whatever JP2's soul is like only God will know. All we can observe and confirm is his heretical and apostate actions. These consistently follow the typical Judaeo-Communist method of speaking with forked tongue, espousing that which calms the orthodox whilst at the same time supporting the revolution. (read Satan) The rest of the Vatican as an institution in public follow his lead. That is NOT the Catholic church established by Christ. What he has said in its complete context, whilst no longer supporting Tradition, has not gone the other way, but left the question open. He cannot do that. Its been decided by the church forever.  
The author left me no contact, to respond, so what he says is irrelevant .
 When I was a kid of just four years,
My father responded to my many tears,
Don't cry to me you little squirt,
Or I'll show you what it is to hurt.
But he's bigger than me I'd quickly squall,
The bigger they are, the harder they fall,
You little sissy, dont come here whining,
So I learned to run, Instead of divining.
When I was a kid just nine or ten,
Respecting my father much more by then,
A question I'd ask to further my knowledge.
How , when, where, why? he'd always say.  
Thats why I became a bastard in college.
I'm no longer a kid, but old and aware.
Knowing all about how when why and where,
The world carrying on in the deepest dispair,
Wisdom unappreciated, ignored without care.
A true composition on the spur of the moment.

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