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Philip touches upon an interesting problem here when he says that before the Flood there was no rain. However, because of the way that the water cycle works (mentioned in Eccl. along with geocentrism), this could not have been true.


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Ok so I have not yet read Allen on the flood, and I know he has doen considerable work on it.
Therefore I'll keep the world at its current size.. 
(genesis1 - 2  and the spirit of God moved over the waters.. anybody tell me what waters given this is before anything was made. )
But I notice in chapter 8 mention of the fountains of the deep, so perhaps that is the answer for the amount of the water. Not all and probable not even most of it came from rain, but from under the earth, where of course it could return.
Not all returned..  Before the flood there was no rain, as there was no rainbows. Hence much vapor must have been left in the atmosphere to keep it raining . But if there was a sea, and a sun before the flood, how come there was no clouds to make rain?  But then we need mountains to make it rain..  Perhaps mmm yes.
Despite Nevilles rain from space, I may theorise that only earth water from the deep provided both the rain and the fountains. Volcanic heat could have spewed heaps out as vapor which on saturation would fall as rain.
Just being practical and negating all of the above, records show that max rainfall called unusual can be no more than 400mm or 16 inches per hour1.3 ft per hour X 9,60  = 1300 ft in 40 days over the whole globe..  Oh well thats still some flood, and maybe geologically no mountains , but hard to believe, but getting easier.
Still the fountains are running faster than the rain. And we know the earth was a different place afterwards . Perhaps receding water back into the deep and geological heat pushed Mt. Arayat up towards the ark. along with a lot of other mountains..  a sort of roughing up of the place..  bingo now it can rain.
Of course I can dream Paul..  I used to dream about monkeys becoming men..  saw it happen in "the planet of the apes" ...  er now hang on it was men becoming monkeys.. Great movie..  the remake was so full of attacking religion, it was a big flop.   It concentrated too much on how people think the volcano is a god...  The Heston version did give the scientists much of the credit for the end of the world... 
Going back to Allen's work now.. 

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