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Wow... my Buccaneers are burnin'. 
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  I have to wonder if we'll ever get tired of that?  So far ..  nope lol.  It's 
what you eat with the Effin eggs for your Effin breakfast. We have new Effin 
neighbors in our new Effin house and a an Effin 3 1/2 car garage (my husband 
bought an Effin garage with and Effin house attached). The possibilities are 
simply, Effin endless.

  Actually, we liked Effingham much better than Mattoon. We went to check out 
Mattoon and as we were pulling up to a cache in a park, there was a large, bare 
chested man on TOP of the park pavilion screaming at his son, "I'm going to 
spank your  (bottom -- but didn't actually use the word "bottom")".  I emailed 
a cacher in the area name Rome -- I wound up talking to him (and his daughters) 
on the phone and  they were very friendly and helpful in info about the area. 
Although, when you ask someone what are some of the best things about the area 
and they says "You're only an hour and a half from St. Louis or Terra Haute " 
Well ...   

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    When you get tired of Effingham, try the Effin Turkey! Yuk Yuk!!

    Mike Griffin 

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    Armpit ..  oh ..   I mean Effingham, IL (and believe me, we've whole 
heartedly embraced the "Effin" in Effingham)   Hubby was rather unexpectedly 
recruited back to another plant of the (formerly Fortune 1) company that moved  
local production to Mexico last year.  They also  have a plant in Mattoon.  
We've already bought a house and he's living there during the week while the 
Kyd and I play the part of  single homeschooling parent and child. It's like 
being divorced without all of the perks lol.   The Kyd  and I will probably go 
between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- she has a few "school", theater and swim 
things she wants to finish up and I just plain don't want to move LOL.   

    This is  why I was asking about favorite phones and things like that -- 
it's on my list of one of my many expected and much anticipated "consolation 
prizes" for having to leave my "life" lol.  

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      Where are you moving to?

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      I enojed "Lunch North" last Friday -- this Friday it's back to drawing 
      imaginary passport lines -- well that and cleaning house for a garage 
      and our looming move.


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      > -
      > A few of us are getting together at 11:30 at the Popeye's Chicken on 
      > Jungerman at Highway 94 across from the Walmart. Just thought I would 
      > throw this out there in case anyone is interested in coming to St. 
      > for a caching lunch and hunt.
      > Mike Griffin
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