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 Ray, do you think you should be taking on that job? Be careful.




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About the last thing I needed was the failure of my water heater.  No sign of 
failure, just didn't have hot water one morning.  It's a natural gas heater and 
has apparently rusted through.  I did some web searching and I ended up buying 
one at Home Depot for just over $300.  If I'd had it delivered and installed, 
it would have cost me almost $400 more.  I picked it up in the Burb today and 
it's in the garage waiting to be installed. 
I had a real interesting bath today...I boiled some water on the stove, poured 
it into a tupperware container, added some cool water and washed up with that.  
Looks like I'm gonna get to do it again tomorrow cuz I'm takin it slow with the 
job.  I just can't work as hard or long as I used to. 
Film at 11...somewhere. 
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