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The Quickstart project uses the Roland General MIDI dls set provided with
DirectX.  When you use DLS, you either use your own custom dls sounds or you
use gm.dls.  GM.dls is the source of the premade instruments you are seeing.
The file itself is located at C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\gm.dls  (In Windows
2k) or C:\Windows\system32\drivers\gm.dls (XP and 9x)

 If you have the Demo8 project installed I recommend you go through that
using the bookmarks.  That's a really helpful tutorial.

To get it go here:
and download the demo.

It's also on the DX CD.  Run this file to install it:
E:\DXF\DXSDK\essentls\DMusProd\DemoContent\DMPDemoContent.exe  (that's where
it is on the 8.1 CD)

-Scott Morgan

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> I have a question about DirectMusicProducer.
> In the quickstart demo, there is a band in a style. that band's name is
default and it have all sort of instruments.
> When you create a band and adds an instrument, you can either choose from
a set of (premade? default? system?) instruments or choose other DLS.
> However, some of the instruments in the quickstart demo have a different
"default" intruments to choose from. There is also no source of these
instruments in the quickstart project, the DLS collection is empty.
> Did they create instruments in a DLS collection, put it in the bands and
then deleted the DLS collection which is the source to these instruemnts?
> I would appreaciate a little clearfication on this matter...
> (Sorry to be a bit nag)
> Thanks in advance.
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