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My understanding is you can create an instrument from a wave
programmatically.   I have never done it so I can't really explain how.
Hopefully JamesDooley(jdooley@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) will pipe in.  He did a lot of
work on Producer at MS.

If you have DLS collection (.dlp or .dls) and a segment file (.sgp or .sgt)
you should have what you want.  Yes the lyric data is put into the segment
object but you cannot do this at runtime if I understand correctly.  The
best way to use lyrics is to put them in your segments using Producer.  You
would then use the DirectMusicLoader to load the segment.

If you use DirectMusic scripting you can generate lyrics from the script by
using the Trace command.  The lyrics in segments are good for real time
messages, but trace messages can be smarter since they are sent from a
script.  You can use script tracks in to get smarter lyrics in real time.
Script tracks call script routines in a script at a given point in the

-Scott Morgan

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> I need a little help understanding the DirectMusic...
> I want to have 1 file containing all the instruments and the lyric
characterists, and another file with the lyric itself(with the musical
> Which premade type of files do I need to use for each of these files?
> Which DirectMusic objects should contain each of these different types of
> I assume that the lyric data is contained in the Segment object, and the
data can be loaded to the segment object using the DirectMusicLoading
> I would appreaciate help on this matter.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ofer.
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