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MessageI know the edirol will record at 96. So what you're saying is that the 
rate has to be at 96 before inserting the softsynths and recording them?
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  If you already recorded a project at a given sample rate, you're stuck with 
that sample rate for that project.  I'm pretty sure that the only way you can 
get your soft synths to record at 96K is to start a blank project with that 
setting.  The reason you're getting the unsupported error is because your 
original project may be recorded at a different sample rate, say, 48 or 44.1.  
In a pinch, you could copy your MIDI tracks and paste them into a new project 
at the desired sample rate if you don't wat to reperform your parts.  In 
addition, there are some cards that only record at certain sample rates.  It's 
possible at the Edirol you have will only go up to 48K.  You'll have to check 
your documentation or visit the web for more information on this.  
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    I'm trying to switch the sample rate on my edirol card to 96khz. However, 
when I open a sonar project, it won't play it and i get an error message that 
says something like, "the current audio format is not supported by the 
soundcard," or something like that. I know the rate is switched to 96 in 
sonar's audio options. The only audio in this project is softsynths. My only 
guess is that the softsynths don't support 96khz sampling rate. Is that 
correct? If that's the case: is there a way to record/convert those instruments 
so that they will play at 96khz?


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