[cryptome] Re: The Nuclear Chain Reaction Gossip Column. Was: : US/Lyndon Baines Johnstone supplied Iran's Nuclear Reactor in 1967

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Hi Andrew,
Tx for the urls...

You mean you found that secret information on Wikipedia...!!! I wonder why they haven't classified it, or prosecuted Wikipedia. Terrible all this open source stuff...They should close the internet down and only make it available to people they trust:-) . That'll sort out the containing secrets problem...No more whistleblowers then...:-) . Mind you, I suppose it is a bit difficult to keep a nuclear explosion, or a nuclear power reactor secret for long. Victims have families and relatives after all...:-) . And governments have such sensitive remote sensing devices these days...and spies are all over the place.

Do you think that the Chinese were clever enough to develop nuclear power and bombs on their own? The reason I ask is because I was listening to a very clever, high up American citizen on the radio the other day, one of those academics who is a member of one of those think tanks wot study China and he was comparing how much better America was in so many ways than China and that was why America would always beat China, because American culture and their way of thinking is much more diverse and open. They aren't so inventive as the Americans. The Chinese people would find the US way of life much more attractive because America has got stuff like Hollywood which helps make people think better. He sounded really sincere and knowledgeable, like he knew what he was talking about...


On 24/02/15 15:30, Andrew Hornback wrote:
I think it's pretty safe to assume that the French got the technology either from the UK or the US, especially given the 1940s timeframe -


China comes late to the game, but they seem to be going full bore at building nuclear power plants -


Looks like the NNSA / NRC has been involved in a transfer of knowledge to China since 1984.

North Koreans got their start from the Soviets...


If you believe Wikipedia, but I figure it's a good place to start the research.

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On Tue, Feb 24, 2015 at 6:17 AM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    Shit!  I forgot about North Korea...where did they get it from...

    On 24/02/15 11:15, doug wrote:
    Tx for that info, Ryan,

    So let me get this right. The story so far:

     Einstein did the some of the theory, along with some other
    brilliant minds wot I won't mention for the sake of brevity. The
    UK invented it and gave it to the Americans.  The Americans
    developed it jointly in America and used it to make atomic bombs
    under the Manhattan Project which they then dropped on Japan at
    the end of World War 2, to end the war quick and teach 'em a
    lesson, not to declare war again.

    The Americans developed their own facilities after the war in
    conjunction with the UK and some ex fascist nuclear physicists
    from Germany...and UK nuclear scientists brought it back to the
    UK again, who used it to make their own nuclear bombs,  under the
    pretext of using nuclear power for producing electricity, by
    building a fast breeder reactor at Sellafield...
    The English gave the facilities to the Scots and the Welsh to
    look after, so that if there was a nuclear accident, then it
    would be far away from the centres of population, and the nuclear
    radiation would wash away into the sea...pity about the north,
    south current...:-)
    America then gave the Iranians a nuclear power station and
    research facility way back in 1968.  The Iranians gave it to
    Indians and the Americans gave it to the Pakistanis.

    The USSR, now Russia, stole the knowledge from the Americans and
    bult their own toys, even bigger than anyone elses and tested
them creating lots of heat during the height of the Cold War. They spread the facilities throughout the Soviet Satellites, so
    that the West couldn't destroy it all in one hit.

    America gifted the knowledge and lots of wherewithalls to Israel,
    who then gave it to the South African Apartheid fascist regime.

    Where did France and the Chniese get it from? Were they very
    clever and invented it for themselves...or was there some hanky
    panky, snoopy doopy shenanigans surrounding that?

     For all their loyalty, common sense, breeding and education,
    they certainly can't keep a secret, these secret security and
    intelligence agencies, can they?

    Last of all, this little project into the origins of nuclear
    weapons and theiir spread

    We seem to have a Nuclear Chain Reaction open season gossip
    column.  Do they have a mailing list for it, so that we can all join?

    Any additional information might be quite useful...I can see a
    pattern developing here...:-) .

    On 24/02/15 07:21, Ryan Carboni wrote:
    south africa got the knowhow from israel who got the knowledge
    from France.


    On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 8:38 AM, doug
    <mailto:douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        see url:

        Didn't Iran get the knowhow from Pakistan who got nuclear
        equipment from the USA?

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