[cryptome] Re: The Art of Deception: Too Honest?

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Hi Aftermath,

Perhaps they only take on honest customers who have nothing to hide, especially 
when it comes to handing over their money...and of course when the state comes 
along and demands confirmation of an alibi for some crime or other...what is 
gonna happen then?  They’d drop you like a ton of bricks.


To be successful, the art of deception needs a lot of practice, finding the 
gullible, the believer, latching on to the innocent abroad is what it is all 
about.  The more the merrier, profits lie in greater mass gullibility...if you 
will pardon the pun... ;-).  Still, the company has been around for a while, so 
some people must be using it.  I dare say if one asked them...they’d only deny 
it, or inflate the figures, or misrepresent the facts, or reinterpret your 
question... or send you up the garden path, or even worse...ignore you...J. 


There is a lot of free ferocious competition out there too.  A lot of 
professionals have a PhD in it.  You can study for one at Cambridge University. 
 They have a whole department devoted to the study of the art of deception and 
share research teams, papers, information and computational power with a couple 
of other UK universities.  They are organising a conference next August.

See url: 


Lots of free papers on various kinds of deception if one is interested.  If you 
are not one already... become an expert and you might get paid for it... J. 
(Perish the thought... J).


  You want to be an expert in scams, go to Cambridge University in the UK.  Get 
your PhD. and the next stop is the GCHQ indirect subversion department... J 
with free trips and soirees to NSA Direct, MIT (uncovered) if you are good 
enough at deceit... J.




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ya and they dont accept cryptocurrencies 

On Thursday, March 19, 2015, Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

at $75 odd a years subscription that doesn't sound too bad.;-)but i bet the 
real kicker is the actual service prices once you go beyond subscription to 
actually using one of the services.

On 19/03/2015 18:39, Aftermath wrote:

oh man is this a real website? Im totally using this when I wake up too strung 
over to go to work 





On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 11:31 AM, Douglas Rankine 
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Bad at lying....Try url: http://www.alibinetwork.com/


You can buy one here to suit any occasion... J.







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