[cryptome] Re: The Art of Deception: Too Honest?

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Hi Aftermath,

Now that is tough.  I hope you don’t mind me offering some sound advice based 
on my own experience.  The thing about credit card debt is that not only is it 
a rollover debt, i.e. it keeps coming round, goes on forever and rolls you over 
every month, it is also very expensive in interest.

I had a credit card at one time, I run up a debt of £2000, with an interest 
rate of 18% apr.  which was a lot of money in the 1980’s.   I was hooked on the 
darn thing.  I never seemed to be able to pay it off.  Like a cancer it grew 
and grew uncontrollably.   I even had a savings account with money in it which 
earned 5% apr.  All I seemed to do was to service the debt.


One day I screwed the nut.  I talked to a lady friend about it and she told me 
that she had had the same problem and gave me the following advice on how to 
get shot of it...What I did was to get rid of the credit card, used my savings 
to help pay off some of the debt, took out a two year, personal term loan and 
paid off the rest of the credit account with it.  It was tough for a while, 
especially the withdrawal symptoms, the repayments and shortage of cash top 
ups.  The bad habit of putting ones hand in ones wallet every time I fancied 
buying something, particularly an extra special cheap deal, took some time to 
undo.  I carried a carrot instead and ate that every time I  had the urge.


I have never looked back, even got to like raw carrots and have had money in my 
pocket ever since.  The best way to rid oneself of temptation, is to remove 
it... J.  I know, I am a hypocrite, abusing the  sayings of my favourite 
writer, Oscar Wilde...but he wasn’t right on everything... J.




P.S. Did you know that it can take us much as 300 times of NOT doing some 
behaviour before you retrain your mind?  It takes twice as many times as that, 
unless you use substitute behaviour...It’s why people find it so difficult to 
stop smoking. 


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Hi Aftermath,

Perhaps they only take on honest customers who have nothing to hide, especially 
when it comes to handing over their money...and of course when the state comes 
along and demands confirmation of an alibi for some crime or other...what is 
gonna happen then?  They’d drop you like a ton of bricks.





LOL i just want to use it so I can get a day off of work without being fired, 
and my credit is so shit at the moment that I dont have the ability to pay with 
a credit card :P


But in all reality, their company probably only consists of a few people.. I 
dont think it would be hard for some one to set up something like this and make 
it look more professional (their website looks second grade TBH) and accept 
bitcoin to boot 


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