[cryptome] Re: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism

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  • Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 14:16:22 +0000

Dear Michael,
I dare say that Sartre was considered a "tool" of the Soviets or the Communists, he was a card carrier of the French C.P. for a while...He even supported so called communist ideals and states...many people did, not just the intellectuals. When he learned from his mistakes and changed his position and left the communist party, I dare say that the KGB and the Soviets saw him as a C.I.A. stooge or capitalist camp follower...dissent and disinformation, deceipt and black operations abounded then as now. What was it Bush said in relation to the Cooperation of the Willing in the war on Iraq..."If you aint for us, you are agin us." that included the United Nations, which wouldn't give its support.

Anyone who even knew about the K.G.B. in them days, was likely considered as an asset of the KGB as far as the US/UK intelligence and security establishment was concerned, they were "UnAmerican or anti-American, or anti-British, anti-monarchy" particularly those who were in, or were card carrying members of Her Majesty's Communist Party or its associated Youth Movement, the Young Communist League, or associated with, or expressed "Communist " views or supported "Communist" organisations ... Political movements, political parties, peace movements, religious movements, aetheist organisations or sects, trade union movements, cultural movements, educational movements and establishments, social think tanks, youth movements, liberation movements, human rights movements...even singers, composers, writers, sculptors and artists of all kinds..whatever they were...except for those which were funded by the C.I.A. and other western organisations of such ilk, were considered as a potential threat and tabs of varying degrees were kept on them. They were all fair game...the question was and still is, who are the gamekeepers and who are the poachers. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

All countries, friends or alien, allies or enemies, were treated equally by the US/UK in that respect. Moral rearmament was the key, the spectre of communism, the lock.
see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_Re-Armament
for an intro...

I well remember, receiving the leaflet from MoralRearmament production company; which was distributed for free to every house in the UK, (where did it get its funding?)as part of our education on how to be nice citizens, and warned us to be wary of those who had chosen the way of dissent, subversion, sedition, treachery and otherwise undermining the state and our economy. The only difference between then and now is that the security, collection and enforcement services are much more numerous, much more powerful and much more disparate, and working on a global scale, especially now that computers and storage facililities are so cheap and it is easy to set up programs to sift and sort data and turn it into "useful" information.

The introduction of the lie detector, positive and negative vetting, increased monitoring and improved selection techniques, rather than relying on just the old school tie, a good and well paid career path has produced a more loyal and efficient workforce. The same can't be said of the bureacracy, which has grown more numerous and disparate, and the growth of foreign intelligence services are more numerous and becoming equal if not surpassing the power and scope of the US security community. And of course, huge numbers of people are now employed in the associated industries and have signed the official secrets acts and contracts, so there are more dissaffected get through the net, and it becomes more difficult to keep information classified, even on a "need to know" compartmentalised basis.

The "good" bit is that one of the things which has remained the same, is that the world security and intelligence services are even better at really fucking things up, creating all sorts of different organisations, all sorts of different scenarios, where they all stick their fingers in the pie and mince up the pastry with the stew, secret measures which are supposed to solve a problem, but which instead, create so many more, both out of the present situation and what is going to come to fruition tomorrow...and all in the name of protecting their native populations from being harmed by others. In the "good ole days", wars tended to be waged by armies fighting armies to the point of attrition and the winners took the spoils, nowadays, it is armies of drones fighting the civilian populations, knocking out the utilities, gas, phones electricty, water supply etc, putting in puppet governments and arranging financial deals which suck the local economies dry and transfer the goods and materials to the "advanced" countries as cheaply as possible, from which...we, in the advanced capitalist companies benefit...and which our populations tend to support, provided war and starvation isn't waged upon us of course...c'est la vie...
P.S. Winston Churchill, "War is conducted on all fronts" No stone is left unturned. Each generation has to learn anew.

On 15/01/2016 13:33, Michael Best wrote:

Actually, there was one other thing - Sartre as a KGB asset/agent. I actually hadn't heard this before, but after a little digging I was able to find several other sources including alleged insiders that accused him of it. The multiple accusations don't mean it's true, of course, but it makes it less likely to be total nonsense. I have a draft FOIA request with MuckRock for his FBI file, which was previously released. It'll be interesting to see what it says.

Has anyone heard about this before, or reviewed any of the allegations against him? So far I've only seen enough to convince to me to keep looking, nothing conclusive.

One of the reports I saw described him as unwittingly being used (I have yet to track down the original source though, it was a footnote) which is what I would rather believe since I liked his work. It wouldn't be unusual for a "lefty" philosopher to have been seduced by the good aspects of socialism and then exploited (change the political affiliations in that sentence and it still holds true of most groups, generally speaking everyone is/was exploited by someone).


On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 8:12 AM, Michael Best <themikebest@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:themikebest@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    One thing has stuck in my mind since reading the book, about
    Russia's long series of campaigns to undermine the Catholic
    Church. I wonder if they took any part in fanning the flames in
    the aftermath of the molestation scandal a few years back. Clearly
    it wasn't faked, but it did change the way many people look at the
    Catholic Church. Like the KGB disinfo after the JFK assassination,
    it would mostly require a light touch - especially since, unlike
    the JFK assassination, people know which organization to blame for
    the molestation scandal.

    Pure speculation, of course.

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