[cryptome] Re: DARPA Plans to Let Sea Drones Loose in International Waters

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Today there is a problem in many parts of the world which used to have a
Civil War.

Munitions, like land mines, are still lying around, periodically blowing
limbs off of civilians.


There is a UN convention, asking to stop certain kinds of munitions, like
land mines, which can have such after-war consequences.


There are people seeking a similar convention to block the sending of drones
out into the world, which lack a human being in the loop of deciding what it
will do.  One such organization is ICRAC = International Committee for Robot
Arms Control.







Drones are being developed, which decide what to do, refuel themselves,
repair themselves, communicate thru networks, without human direct controls,
in their loop.  They can be like computer malware, released with the intent
to do specific damage to specific targets, then it escapes and/or mutates
and strikes targets not intended by the people who designed it.  Such as
Stuxnet was aimed at Iran nuclear, but is now in the wild, striking at
industries world wide, but most heavily in the Middle East.  Autonomous
drones can be in the air, on the ground, in buildings, on water, under
water, in outer space.  I have been intermittently looking into this topic,
and related topics, and have shared my notes a few places, including:



ring>  on Google  39 docs 

Collection-Drones on Scribd =
http://www.scribd.com/collections/3807680/Drone-Info 142 docs

hLTg5NTItY2RiZjhiM2MzODkw&usp=sharing>  on Google  30 docs


Al Mac = Alister William Macintyre

NSA = the only part of government which actually listens to the people.


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"...or you could do a whole bunch of stuff...let your imagination run


I think I know what you mean. 


And just imagine what fun is to be had in 75+ years when the ones that
didn't "Upward Fall" as planned, or whatever, are... stumbled upon, or "F A
I L Upward". 


Or, downward- who knows.


Ultimate time-bomb/mine field. 


Calling Mr. Limpet...




On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 12:33 AM, Jeremy Compton <j.compton@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi there, yes you can imagine that when the US is no longer the Super Power
or Great Power it currently is, how much havoc this is going to cause in the
Just a wee reminder that the US can still let its presence my known. On the
converse if you wanted to poison the waters you could do or you could do a
whole bunch of stuff
like the electronic intercepts of what is going on around the place. Just
let the imagination run wild if you know what l mean. Well, you have the
real information here at least.

Jeremy Compton



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