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  • Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 20:52:57 -0600

Hi David,

You say Pepperwhite Street is agnostic when used as a server.  Hmmm.  So... do 
I take it you are installing an ActiveX plugin in IE to accomplish this over 
the Internet?  I'm not finding any info about this on their site or in the eval 
that I just installed.  My client provides the customers with a hosted solution 
so running off a LAN is not an option, AFAIK.

What I meant by "agnostic" is that you can write (or use) a web service that 
employs the ActiveX control (not IE, I think, because you have no good way to 
reference the map data which would be on the server -- IE cannot consume a web 
service by itself).  My assumption is that they have a mechanism to convert map 
data (images) to SOAP, so that it may be consumed remotely, by a "smart client" 

Since it is LBS, the only place the maps need be displayed, if I understand 
what needs be done, is on the application that is running at the server?  
That's where the use want the map, not in the vehicle.  So, while PepperWhite 
advertises a web service (and you are right, there is no info on how that is 
done), we don't need a web service, only a Windows application.

If you want to use the maps in the vehicle, then the web service would come 
into play (but this is not what I'd do, even there).  Personally, I'd just 
write an application in the vehicle that displays the vehicle location on the 
map, a la MapPoint.


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